During Boao's forum, the Director  of China Central bank, ZHou Xiaochuan, expressed his opinion about Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is not started by central bank , so it's out of the question of banning.

Bitcoin is a kind of tradable asset, not so similar to payment currency.It's like stamp, kind of collectible.

The trading as a kind of asset, is out of the responsibility of Central bank ,so we don't have the right to ban it.


周小川:比特币不像支付货币 谈不上取缔


  中国网财经4月11日讯(记者 张启安)今天中午,央行行长周小川在海南博鳌参加央行的未来分论坛。周小川在此次论坛上表示,比特币本来就不是央行启动的,谈不上什么取缔。不过周小川说他担忧的是,“比特币就是一种能交易的资产,不太像支付货币。比如邮票之类的,主要是收藏品”。