Lottery Tickets Info

Ports  7997-7998

Block Time 32 seconds

First subsidy is 32,000,000,000

Max moneysupply 100,000,000,000

No premine | INSTANT Transactions


Block Rewards

1-80,000 — 0-800,000 Reward (each block random)

80,001 — 1000-400,000 Reward (each block random)

160,001 — 2000-300,000 Reward (each block random)

240,001 — 3000-200,000 Reward (each block random)

320,001 — 4000-100,000 Reward (each block random)

400,001 — 5000-50,000 Reward (each block random)

480,001 — 6000-25,000 Reward (each block random)

560,001 — 7000-14,000 Reward (each block random)

600,000+ — 10,000 Reward (flat)


















GPU Miner:


TIX is a unique crypto currency being the only scrypt-jane with random block rewards for the first several hundred thousand blocks. It is a collective effort of several prominent developers that have experience both creating and maintaining networks for coins. Not only does this provide solid coding for the coin itself, but also the knowledge and experience to keep the network going and patch any issues, should they arise.


The development team will remain anonymous at this point, but will continue to monitor and maintain both the code and network better than any other developer or development team can. Our team is comprised of individuals that are responsible for no fewer than 20 coins currently being exchanged. Mine and trade with confidence of instant transactions knowing that this coin is backed by the best, and only the best. We don’t want this coin to succeed based on our reputations of releasing very solid and profitable coins. This one will speak for itself!